Are you experiencing a shortage of employees needed to address the COVID-19 crisis? We are putting our talents to work to help organizations like yours hire quickly to accelerate your response time. From healthcare workers to grocers, and scientists to food production workers, we’ve got you covered. For a decade, our Time-Based Recruiting® model has helped clients save an average of 50% on recruiting, without paying commissions or retainers.

Accelerate your response time

  • Get the right people in the right place at the right time (critical in-person or remote)
  • Tap into new pools of candidates
  • Adapt your in-person recruiting to virtual
  • Act quickly to positively impact the crisis
  • Make your hiring process more efficient
  • Create efficiencies of scale to save time and money

Experienced recruiters work as part of your team

In this time of crisis, everyone and every business needs to adapt and do their part. We have mobilized our highly talented team of recruiters experienced in hiring for multiple industries and all levels of employees. With a decade of proven success, our recruiting capabilities span from hiring key executives to hundreds of critical workers.  

The cost of Creative Alignments’ Time-Based Recruiting model effectively meets the shifting workforce demands of companies responding to the coronavirus. Our flexible hourly model allows us to take on individual elements of the recruiting process or manage recruiting end-to-end. And, you only pay for the time it takes to find the people you need–no commission or retainers.

Save An average of 50% on Recruiting costs* to:

(*Historical average, compared to 20-30% of first-year salary charged by traditional commission-based recruiters.)

  • Source candidates to build a pipeline
  • Review resumes and screen candidates
  • Create recruiting strategies and processes
  • Develop effective interview processes
  • Train hiring managers/improve internal recruiting
  • Manage your end-to-end recruiting process

How it works

While Creative Alignments continues to serve our usual clients, COVID-19 Response Recruiting is a new arm of our business, added to do our part during this global crisis. Using our proven hourly billing model, which has saved clients millions over the past decade, we are uniquely suited to help organizations hire quickly. Rather than having to pay a 20-30% commission for each hire, our Time-Based Recruiting model means you simply pay for the time it takes to find the people you need.

  1. Rapid Needs Assessment: Determine how will we most effectively and affordably help you reach your goals.
  2. Plug In: Our expert recruiting team sources and screens candidates, at volume, if needed. 
  3. Weekly Updates: You will always know how many hours we have spent against budget and what we are working on.
  4. Feedback & Transparency: We are your internal recruiting resource, and work in conjunction with your team. We are fully transparent with our presentation of candidates, and openly ask your feedback for regular course correction to stay efficient with time spent.
  5. Delivery: We present you with the most relevant candidates to save you time. We never doctor resumes or coach candidates. Work done on your search is yours to keep. No additional fees for additional hires.
  6. Billing: We charge an hourly fee and bill monthly. No commissions or retainers.
  7. Giving Back: $100 for each hire made by our COVID-19 Response Recruiting arm will be donated to nonprofits and worthy organizations helping those impacted by the crisis.

Hire for all levels and roles, including

  • Cashier
  • Managers
  • Food production workers
  • Software engineers
  • Developers
  • Sales/marketing
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Lab technicians
  • Healthcare workers
  • Lab technicians
  • Administrative staff
  • Line workers
  • Planners
  • Engineers & technicians
  • Truckers
  • Local delivery people
  • Dispatch 

In this time of crisis, we are working with all industries on all roles.

why Creative Alignments' Time-Based Recruiting

instead of

Traditional Contingency or Executive Recruiting

instead of

Hiring Managers owning all Phases of Recruiting

instead of or with

Internal Recruiting

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