Meet The Team

Business can be a powerful platform for social change, and our higher purpose is to use our business as a force for good. At Creative Alignments we strive to nurture an inclusive culture where differences are valued and employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic, whole selves to work. As part of this, we are on a long-term journey to continually learn about ourselves and how we can be more intentional in our efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion, both internally and with our clients.

Peggy Shell

Founder & CEO

Can’t find enjoyment in an interaction with Peggy? Seek professional help. She is our guiding light, fearless leader and the only one among us who has the mad skills (and guts) to do the worm.

Chuck McCoy

Senior Partner, Tech Managing Director

I dare you to find a nicer person than Chuck. Luckily for us, Chuck loves building small companies and he’s doing that right here at CA.

Frank Milianti

Partner, CPG Managing Director

Frank is a combination of all the best. He balances his easy-going ways, ability to say calm in any storm and signature ball cap attire with focus, dedication and inspiring leadership.

Angie Bryan

CPG Recruiter

Known as Mama Bear, Angie will always find a way to support someone who needs it, personally or professionally.

Nicole Campos

Senior Technical Recruiter

Want ideas for a good restaurant? Nicole is your person. Likewise, if you’re growing a company at breakneck speed and need a recruiter who can lead you through any opportunity or challenge without batting an eye.


Technical Recruiter

A serial hobbyist, Triza soaks up all the learning and experiences she can, whether creative, intellectual, or cultural. Seriously, pick a topic and we’re sure you’ll have an interesting conversation with her.

Romain Dawkins

CPG Recruiter

Romain dreams big and has the strategic mind, steady demeanor, focus and collaborative style to make big things happen. He is definitely the partner you want on your team.

Megan Couture

CPG Recruiter

Megan loves connecting the dots and building bridges in everything she does, so bringing together amazing candidates with amazing companies…well, what could be better?

Mike FeldKamp

Senior Technical Recruiter

You can count on Mike to bring great ideas to a conversation, and creative solutions to a challenge, not to mention the best musical match for the moment.

Shenna Fitzgerald

Director of Impact & Strategic Communications

Starting her day with a two-hour bike commute, Shenna somehow comes into work full of energy and a joyful approach to everything that comes her way.

Lori Obert

CPG Recruiter

Lori’s trips to the grocery store go beyond shopping for provisions. She feels a sense of pride when she sees the many successful natural food brands that she’s been able to help grow.

Sydney Hopp

Sales Operations Coordinator

Sydney has mastered the great trifecta of kindness, efficiency, and support, all to keep our marketing and business development efforts running smoothly.

Danielle Octavi

CPG Client Services Director

Danielle LOVES recruiting and finds it so rewarding to connect great people to great roles and organizations. Luckily, we deal in awesomeness here, so there’s lots of that.


CPG Recruiter

Pam’s love of experiencing cultures different from her own, and the strong work ethic she learned from her parents after immigrating to the U.S., add to her success in people operations and recruiting.

Alexis Palmer

CPG Recruiter

Alexis believes that attitude is everything. She adds a level of positivity and curiosity to her recruiting experience that’s perfect for pairing great opportunities with great people.

Courtney Ogren

Director of Operations

Courtney keeps us all in line, saves us when we’re in need, provides comic relief, and most importantly, keeps the engine of our business running like a well-oiled machine. Maybe her title should be “Director Mom.”

Alison Peterson

CPG Client Service Director

Alison loves any opportunity to be a positive role model, whether it’s supporting, coaching and developing her team, or creating initiatives that increase diversity and inclusion at all levels.

Dee Ryan

Technical Client Service Director

With Dee’s grounding presence, kindness, competence, and years of experience, you always know everything is going to work out.

Hadley Solomon

Senior Technical Recruiter

Whether helping companies grow, trekking across Nepal for a month, or spending a summer performing in a singing and dancing show, Hadley is always bee-lining it toward a good challenge.

Kyle Wilmot

Technical Client Service Director

Kyle is the calmest sports-loving farmer from Wyoming you’ll ever meet. He puts everyone at ease, and if you look for a definition of “steady and dependable” you’ll see his picture.