When Vision, Values and People Align,
Magic Happens.

We help spark connections by building teams that elevate culture and foster an environment of success. Our work starts with our own team so that we can help you strengthen yours. Our culture is the collective expression of who we are as individuals, rooted together in shared core values. We invite you to get to know us!

Peggy Shell

Founder & CEO

Can’t find enjoyment in an interaction with Peggy? Seek professional help. She is our guiding light, fearless leader and the only one among us who has the mad skills (and guts) to do the worm.

Chuck McCoy

Senior Partner, Tech Managing Director

I dare you to find a nicer person than Chuck. Luckily for us, Chuck loves building small companies and he’s doing that right here at CA.

Frank Milianti

CoPro Managing Director

Frank is a combination of all the best. He balances his easy-going ways, ability to say calm in any storm and signature ball cap attire with focus, dedication and inspiring leadership.

Adam York

Senior Technical Recruiter

Adam is a connector. Professionally and personally, he loves bringing people together and creating a sense of community. With his genuine and approachable mannerisms, it’s clear why he is so good at it.

Alexis Palmer

CoPro Recruiter

Alexis believes that attitude is everything. She adds a level of positivity and curiosity to her recruiting experience that’s perfect for pairing great opportunities with great people.

Alison Peterson

CoPro Client Service Director

Alison loves any opportunity to be a positive role model, whether it’s supporting, coaching and developing her team, or creating initiatives that increase diversity and inclusion at all levels.

Brittany Tartarilla

Technical Recruiter

Brittany’s passion and energy for recruiting is obvious. Perhaps it has something to do with the origin of her career. She was able to parlay her job as a ski instructor into becoming a recruiter for the ski resort.

Courtney Ogren

Director of Operations

Courtney keeps us all in line, saves us when we’re in need, provides comic relief, and most importantly, keeps the engine of our business running like a well-oiled machine. Maybe her title should be “Mom.” Read more…

Danielle Octavi

Technical Recruiter

Danielle LOVES recruiting and finds it so rewarding to connect great people to great roles and organizations. Luckily, we deal in awesomeness here, so there’s lots of that.

Dee Ryan

Technical Client Service Director

With Dee’s grounding presence, kindness, competence, and years of experience, you always know everything is going to work out.

Eric Keifer

Senior CoPro Recruiter

Small towns, big cities and mountain cabins each have a special place in Eric’s life. Toss in travel abroad to experience new cultures, and you can see why Eric is so good with people from all walks of life.

Eric Schmid

Technical Recruiting Coordinator

Heading to the UK for a high school year abroad and visiting 7 European countries, Eric tapped his self-sufficiency early. Lucky he did, because it fueled his move from the Midwest to CA here in Boulder.

Hadley Solomon

Technical Recruiter

Whether helping companies grow, trekking across Nepal for a month, or spending a summer performing in a singing and dancing show, Hadley is always bee-lining it toward a good challenge.

Jenny Jones

CoPro Recruiting Coordinator

Somehow Jenny is able to combine having the most amount of fun working with being crazy efficient. According to her, it’s because of the awesome people she gets to work with! (Awe shucks.)

Jill Hunziker

CoPro Recruiting Coordinator/Associate Recruiter

Jill is a woman of few words and enormous output. Her knack for creating and supporting cohesive teams is immediately evident in how much quality work she accomplishes in a short time.

Kat Stefanski

Senior CoPro Recruiter

Whether she’s taking on the adventure of life or the adventure of recruiting, Kat is at the ready with kindness, curiosity and a real desire to create something great.

Kyle Wilmot

Technical Client Service Director

Kyle is the calmest sports-loving farmer from Wyoming you’ll ever meet. He puts everyone at ease, and if you look for a definition of “steady and dependable” you’ll see his picture.

Leah Haney

CoPro Recruiter

Owning more gnomes than shoes, Leah greets the world with a wide smile, open heart and big sense of adventure, especially when it comes to creating and learning.

Matt McVey

Associate Technical Recruiter/Recruiting Coordinator

To Matt, challenges are just an invitation to learn new skills. Whether at work, trying a recipe, or finding mountain trails, he is focused on his goals and open to new experiences.

MJ McCoy

Senior CoPro Recruiter

From traveling to beautiful, unknown places by bike to taking on the New York Times crossword puzzle every day, MJ loves adventure, especially the adventure of solving complex problems.

Natale Wallis

CoPro Client Service Director

This lover of John Denver is a certified Stress & Rescue Diver (landlocked in Colorado). She sure does dive in to rescue our clients when they have a challenging search, so we’re glad she got the certification.

Nicole Campos

Senior Technical Recruiter

Want ideas for a good restaurant? Nicole is your person. Likewise, if you’re growing a company at breakneck speed and need a recruiter who can lead you through any opportunity or challenge without batting an eye.

Shannon Smith

Tech Recruiting Coordinator

Shannon shows up with boundless energy to make good things happen. Whether being a support system for our tech team, improving diversity and inclusion, or coaching Lacrosse, her passion is contagious.

Shenna Fitzgerald

Marketing Director

Starting her day with a two-hour bike commute, Shenna somehow comes into work full of energy and a joyful approach to everything that comes her way.

Talia Worth

Operations Assistant

Talia wins the award for the most projects in the works at once, and she rocks them all. Not surprising, given that she mastered the art of walking backward without having to peek as a tour guide in college.

Tom Troy

Technical Recruiter and New Client Partnerships

Don’t let his disarmingly friendly and mild-mannered ways fool you. After hitting 86 mph on skis, juggling tech recruiting and business development is a cinch.