Our heart & Soul

Peggy Shell founded Creative Alignments in 2010 when she saw that quickly growing companies needed a better alternative to traditional recruiting. By creating an hourly Time-Based Recruiting® model, she filled a void, met an important need and, unknowingly, started a trend. 

Creative Alignments is dedicated to using our recruiting work as a force for good. We help grow scaling companies that are making an impact through mission, product, positive culture, or social justice and DE+I work.

Partnership is our purpose

Partnership is our purpose

Growing a successful team is more than just adding people to a payroll. It’s caring about details and collaborating to intentionally curate a diverse group of people in an inclusive environment to effectively work together to accomplish a shared goal. This partnership is what matters to us. It is core to why we exist. That’s why we are the flexible, transparent recruiting arm for our clients.

We create great places to work

We Create a Great Place to Work

For a decade, Peggy has been driven to create a company where people feel valued as individuals, appreciated as contributors, and welcomed into an inclusive environment. She believes work should be additive to one’s life, not a drain. Building a cycle of happy employees and loyal clients, and accolades like Outside’s Best Places to Work are just a few ways we know we’re on to something.

Business as a force for good

Business as a Force for Good

We are inspired to grow the good by working with companies that are innovating healthier products, more sustainable solutions, more socially just business practices, and more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces. We empower these impact-focused companies by helping them hire the people who make a difference.

People focused

We Support People-Focused CompanieS

When we are valued, appreciated and empowered at work, we bring that positivity out into the world. We become better partners, parents and community members. This is why we are committed to working with companies that have positive environments — places we ourselves would want to work

Committed to DEI

We Connect Companies and Diverse Talent

As recruiters who help businesses hire hundreds of employees a year, we are in a unique position to intentionally shape how our clients work toward creating more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces. We do this by being an expert consultant throughout the process, making connections to resources, and building diverse candidate pools.

Our Values


Integrity runs through all we do

We are authentic

We do the right thing

We are good people and good to people

We are open-minded


Teamwork is key to our success

We communicate clearly, frequently and proactively

We listen to understand others

We are nimble and adapt to support others’ needs

We have fun and laugh together

We are all in this together working towards a common purpose


We have meticulous follow through

We are driven & hard working

We keep a customer-focused mindset

Quality is king

Organization is integral to our ability to be accountable


We communicate the truth in all directions

We are open & upfront

We share challenges, concerns & joys early and professionally

We harbor no passive aggressive feelings because we communicate early and proactively


We think creatively to accomplish goals

We are efficient with time & resources

We step back & think before acting to find the best approach

We are expert consultants to our clients

We are results-oriented