The human approach to Outplacement

Do right by your people in the hardest times, and you’ll emerge as a leader. We help you make difficult workforce decisions, stay in compliance, and mentor your outgoing employees through change to find what’s next.

Considering layoffs or furloughs?
Facing difficult workforce decisions?
support Your Employees
Through transition
How Employers react today determines their success tomorrow.

Navigating organizational turbulence with dignity and respect deepens the humanity of your teams, enhances your culture, and strengthens your company. Our NextPlacement services can help you make the strategic, empathy-based decisions today to propel your business to success tomorrow.

Traditional Outplacement:
  • Cold + cookie cutter
  • Stale human capital management
  • Surface level, cursory support
  • Standard career coaching
  • Costly
Our NextPlacement Services:
  • Individualized, passionate + forward focused
  • Helping people + companies capitalize on what’s next
  • In-depth expertise strengthening teams + careers
  • Thorough career mentorship + actionable tools
  • Affordable, efficient

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Career Consulting
We collaborate as an extension of your team, giving you access to the most relevant expertise at each step of your workforce transition process, without any wasted time or costs.
Mishandling Employee Transitions Impacts Your Bottom Line
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The percentage of job seekers who review a company’s reputation on websites like Glassdoor.
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The average cost for a workplace settlement out of court.
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Increase in unintended turnover following a layoff.
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The estimated annual cost of US employee disengagement.

your solutions

Flexible, customizable outplacement options to meet your needs.
(Choose one or all three)

Transition Selection + Management

Partnering with your leadership team to weigh all options and chart the most effective, compliant and compassionate course forward.

  • Employee transitions consulting services

  • Employment decision matrix (options + considerations)

  • Employee selection file (actions + reasons)

  • Separation documents (notification letters, separation agreements)

  • Internal communication support (notification scripts, messaging, employee profiles)


Strategic Career Advisors for Your Employees

Helping your departing team members transition to their next opportunity with personable, in-depth career mentorship (group or individualized).

  • Navigating unemployment logistics

  • Career counseling: Goal + vision setting, search targeting
  • Job search counseling: Strategies, tactics + tools to navigate each step of the process from best fit companies to salary negotiations.
  • Job search training and support (group or individual)

Messaging & Communications

Develop a strategic external communication plan, including ways to promote your outgoing employees to other employers to help them find what’s next.

  • External communications plan (Clients, Community, LinkedIn, Website)
  • Employee profiles deck (support separated employees obtain new employment)



why nextplacement?

Create brand advocates
Help your people protect their financial future; their gratitude will build your employment brand. Incoming, outgoing and current employees all play a role in your cultural ecosystem.
Build brand reputation
Competitive advantage #1: Be known as a great company to work for to attract the best talent when times turn. Your former employees will represent your brand long into the future.
Strengthen culture
When current employees know their co-workers were treated well and taken care of on the way out, they feel more secure, engaged and productive in their work.
Reduce Turnover
An unexpected talent exodus, due to low morale after a layoff, negatively impacts critical business progress. By proactively managing your workforce reduction you keep business plans on track.
Reduce unforeseen costs
How you handle layoffs and workforce adjustments can help you avoid unnecessary litigation expenses and protracted unemployment costs.

Is NextPlacement the right solution for you?

Yes if...

  • You've experienced a downturn and need to weigh all your workforce options
  • You need HR support to navigate your reduction in force, furloughs or reassignments
  • You are concerned about compliance regarding the WARN Act, the CARES Act and more
  • You need job market expertise to help your separated employees find new employment quickly
  • You want to invest in specialized outplacement and career mentorship to do the right thing for departing employees
  • You know that setting up your separated employees for success will benefit your company's reputation and rebound