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TO take your company to the next level

Innovative, growing companies need leadership that is strategically and culturally aligned with their vision. With Creative Alignments’ Time-Based Recruiting® for executive roles, you’ll find the right person to set a clear course, inspire teams and achieve goals. As your executive search partner, we are guided by your best interest, rather than being focused on commission windfalls or large staged retainers.

your most important roles benefit from an hourly model

With our hourly Time-Based Recruiting model for executive searches you’ll have a strategic, nimble partner that provides you with a better experience, stronger outcomes and significant cost savings. You pay no commissions or staged retainers.

"Creative Alignments hits the nail on the head every time.
They're very connected and have sourced excellent candidates that really aligned with the missions and responsibilities I needed to grow and scale companies. I’ve partnered with them to help find executives for several different companies in several different industries, and their work is consistent and dependable.”

- Kristen Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, iControl Data Solutions
"Fantastic experience.
I was recruited into the company by Creative Alignments. It was well organized, I felt respected as a professional, and they did a really good job coordinating with global management.

Now on the client side, I see they put a lot of time into building their network, which is one of the most important things that you need to do."

-Blake Waltrip, CEO United States, The A2 Milk Company
"Above and beyond expectations.
Our CMO role was an absolutely critical hire and it had to be right. The new hire would help us build out our Global Marketing Center of Excellence in the Americas, and we were under incredibly tight time constraints. CA very quickly delivered top quality candidates within a record turnaround time... We couldn't be happier and I can't recommend the CA team highly enough."

- Chris Regan, Chief People Office, Whispir
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  • Pay only for the time it takes to fill C-level and VP roles or board of director seats: usually a savings of 50% in recruiting costs
  • Experienced recruiters get to know the ecosystem of your company to proactively seek out the best candidates to align with your needs.
  • We navigate compensation, experience, education, background, personality and culture fit to find people who will thrive in your unique environment.
  • We can work with all shareholders, from board members to founders, and investors to CEOs.
  • Because we do not work toward a commission windfall, we are aligned with your company and invested in your success.
  • Our methodology results in a better fit and our bench of industry experts add another layer of expertise to our efforts.

Values that drive us

  1. RESPECT is always top of mind when it comes to our clients' confidentiality and the candidates we interact with.
  2. Our process is COLLABORATIVE and we work in partnership with our clients and with each other internally.
  3. QUALITY is paramount to everything we do and we hold ourselves accountable to very high standards.
  4. TRANSPARENCY runs through our veins and we communicate the truth clearly in all directions. We are open and upfront when it comes to screening potential executive level candidates and we will share challenges, concerns and joys throughout the journey.
  5. We are STRATEGIC. No search is the same and we take the time to understand and plan how to carry out our search in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

THE high COST OF The wrong HIRE

The cost of a bad hire in leadership can be a threat to the business, especially in smaller companies.

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Percentage of employers that suffer from a bad hire every year.
0 %
The cost of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee's first-year earnings.
0 %
The percentage of organizations reporting that a bad hire cost them more than $25,000
0 %
The percentage of organizations reporting that a bad hire cost them more than $50,000

We go the extra mile so you get the right hire

We dig deep for insight we need to find leaders that fuel your company to thrive. Because our goal is to find you the best candidate for your needs, not the one that gives us the biggest commission windfall, we look for:

  • Correct alignment of candidate with company mission
  • Aligned skills, personal style + values

  • Verification of education + work history
  • Passion for the opportunity

  • Personality assessment that aligns with company culture, when appropriate

The CA Executive Process

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Kickoff meeting, project scoping + initial assessments

Phase 2: Strategic Analysis + Planning

  • Develop a customized strategic search + recruiting plan including:
    • Employer-driven data compensation analysis
    • Employer brand-building recommendations (as needed)
    • Position marketing + networking blueprint
  • Create/refine detailed job description and postings

Phase 3: Proactive Search for Top Talent

  • Leverage the collaborative networks of our collective team
  • Research our proprietary database of 80,000+ candidates
  • Proactive search through external channels
  • Creative sourcing through our suite of executive recruiting tools
  • Deliver detailed weekly recruiting reports with meaningful + insightful data

Phase 4: Assessing + Presenting Outstanding Candidates

  • Launch into conversations, screening calls, extensive interviews + follow up evaluations (phone, video, in person)
  • Personality/cultural fit assessments (situational/optional)
  • Tap industry advisor team for an additional level of assessment
  • Schedule client interviews and coordination with relevant shareholders (board members, investors, founders, etc.)

Phase 5: Wrap up

  • Reference, background checks + additional due diligence
  • Offer letter consulting and assistance