Our Culture

When work is fulfilling, purposeful and fun people are better able to take positive momentum home to their families, communities and friends to create more good in the world. Work should be additive to life, not a drain. We believe this so strongly that we seek out clients who share this belief. The positive cycle of happy team members creating happy clients is core to our business. 

CA's partnership with clients is the first step in a cycle of good.

Our team is made up of genuine, enthusiastic, supportive people

We have a shared sense of appreciation for each other, whether it's the great work we do, the good humor and integrity we share, the personal skills we’re proud of, or the kindness and empathy we experience. We celebrate our wins, big and small, and confront challenges humbly, respectfully and creatively. Learn what it's like to be a recruiter at Creative Alignments.

We value our differences

We strive to nurture an inclusive culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic, whole selves to work. Our team comes from different walks of life and collaborates to reach common goals using all of our gifts, quirks, experiences and perspectives.  Along the way, we learn and grow together.

We live by our core values

Our core values don’t just sit in a drawer. We live them every day, and recognize how each person makes contributions to building the integrity of our company.


Integrity runs through all we do

We are authentic

We do the right thing

We are good people and good to people

We are open-minded


Teamwork is key to our success

We communicate clearly, frequently and proactively

We listen to understand others

We are nimble and adapt to support others’ needs

We have fun and laugh together

We are all in this together working towards a common purpose


We have meticulous follow through

We are driven & hard working

We keep a customer-focused mindset

Quality is king

Organization is integral to our ability to be accountable


We communicate the truth in all directions

We are open & upfront

We share challenges, concerns & joys early and professionally

We harbor no passive aggressive feelings because we communicate early and proactively


We think creatively to accomplish goals

We are efficient with time & resources

We step back & think before acting to find the best approach

We are expert consultants to our clients

We are results-oriented

What's it like to work at Creative alignments?