The Winning Trifecta: How Cultivating a Healthy Company Culture Boosts Business and Mental Health

By Sydney Hopp

Amid an intensifying mental health crisis, employers have both the opportunity and, one could say, the obligation to leverage their power by nurturing a supportive and healthy workplace environment. Recent research shows an undeniable correlation between mental health and workplace culture, which holds true across all demographics and identities. We’re seeing a massive shift in…

As a B Corp, We’re Moving Business Forward. Come With Us!

By Shenna Fitzgerald

One of Creative Alignments’ biggest achievements in 2023 was becoming B Corp certified. On the heels of an amazing time at the B Corp Champions Retreat, and wrapping up this B Corp Month, we invite you to learn more about how successful businesses of tomorrow differ from traditional business norms. In response to the shifting…

3 Foundational Ways CEOs Are Rethinking Workplace Norms

By Shenna Fitzgerald

To delve into exceptional company cultures and find insights on workplace DNA, check out this article published on by Peggy Shell, founder and CEO of Creative Alignments. After speaking with fellow leaders who have been honored for creating great places to work, she shares their collective wisdom and perspectives.

Four Pro Tips for Finding and Attracting Your Best Candidates, Even When You’re Buried in Resumes

By Shenna Fitzgerald

If you’re hiring, you may have suddenly found yourself drowning in piles of resumes from primarily unqualified applicants. At the same time, finding and engaging with your top-tier candidates may be particularly challenging. Complicating an already confusing situation, our unpredictable economy may make it harder for you to commit to long-term plans. So how do…

How Do You Crack The Code For A Great Company Culture?

By Shenna Fitzgerald

What if your job – work you do for a living – was additive to your life, not a drain? How would your sense of fulfillment, value and connection impact the ways you show up in the rest of your life? Most likely, this happiness created through work would ripple out into your relationships with…

The Significance Of Earth Day Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Shenna Fitzgerald

What does Earth Day mean to you now, as compared to the first year you learned about it?  Earth Day was born of a collaboration between government and citizens circa 1969, about the time the Nixon administration established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Air Act after New York had created the nation’s first…

In Pursuit Of Impact: The Path To A Purpose-Driven Job

By Shenna Fitzgerald

Human nature drives us to search for purpose in life. We long for a sense of direction and fulfillment. Given that we spend a large majority of our lives working, combined with how much help the world needs right now, millions of people are acting on this hard-wired human pursuit for impact by seeking careers that align…