One of Creative Alignments’ biggest achievements in 2023 was becoming B Corp certified. On the heels of an amazing time at the B Corp Champions Retreat, and wrapping up this B Corp Month, we invite you to learn more about how successful businesses of tomorrow differ from traditional business norms. In response to the shifting values of consumers and workers, and global crises like climate change and mental health, there are practices you can put in place now to make your business more resilient, sustainable, equitable and diverse, whether you choose to pursue B Corp certification or not. Some of your favorite brands, big and small, are committed to using their business as a force for good. Cabot Vermont Cheddar, Quinn Snacks, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Help Scout, and Seventh Generation, are just a few brand you may know.

What is a Certified B Corp?

Certified B Corps are for-profit corporations that meet high standards for social and environmental impact, set and verified by the nonprofit B Lab. There are over 8,000 Certified B Corps leading the way in more than hundreds of industries globally. 

B Corps of all sizes are committed to accountability, transparency and continuous improvement, so the certification doesn’t just prove where companies excel now — it also commits companies to their mission for the long term. It isn’t a destination, it’s an invitation to join the journey to be part of a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system.

Why do companies become B Corp certified?

While the B Impact Assessment and certification process is quite rigorous and lengthy (it took us 18 months to complete start to finish), it is most certainly worth it. Not only did going through the process help us improve core aspects of our business, we now have a stronger network of people, resources and ideas to help us continually improve. B corps, pursuing both purpose and profits, are statistically more successful and resilient. 

Here are just a few benefits of becoming certified:

  • Run a better business that aligns with your values and adds purpose to your work.
  • Build trust with your consumers, investors, communities, and suppliers.
  • Improve your ability to attract, retain, and engage the best employees.
  • Improve your business processes, partnerships and company culture.
  • Differentiate your company from competitors.
  • Tap into a network of resources to help you benchmark and improve performance.
  • Join a network of changemakers and generate sales with like-minded leaders.
  • Gain a marketing advantage by tapping into collateral and assets to set you apart.

Creative Alignments’ Mission, Purpose and Journey

Our society is facing a mental health health crisis. And we spend one-third of our time at work. There is a direct correlation between the two. Business leaders have the opportunity (or is it an obligation?) to make a positive impact on wellbeing and mental health via their company culture.

We believe work should be additive in people’s lives and that happiness created through work makes the world a better place. Our vision is to perpetuate a cycle of good starting with work that inspires a sense of purpose, belonging and positivity. 

Creative Alignments uses our Time-Based Recruiting® business to do this. Over the past 14 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies hire thousands of people. We are committed to:

  • Fostering a people-first company culture within Creative Alignments. 
  • Helping purpose-driven, people-first companies hire the talented people they need in order to make more impact. 
  • Continually evolving our recruiting work to be more inclusive and equitable to increase the probability that diverse candidates are hired into inclusive organizations.
  • Supporting nonprofit organizations aligned with our work through volunteering and financial support.

You Can Become Part of the Movement

We invite you to join us on the journey to do business differently. If certification is not something you undertake now, there are lots of other ways to get involved.

  • Learn more about B Corp by joining a B Local event in your area.
  • Learn more about the certification process and talk to those who have gone through it. We’re happy to talk! You can talk to a B Corp certification consultant to see how they could help you through the process. Impact Growth Partners helped us and they are phenomenal. 
  • Support B Corp companies by finding them in this directory, and looking for the B Corp logo on the products and services you buy.
  • Discover ways to improve and strengthen your business’ social and environmental impact to begin making changes within your leadership and business to being connecting to the core purpose of B Corp.

At the end of the day, both personally and professionally, we all contribute to the state of the world. How do you see your role in moving things forward? Come join the journey with us!