Build your team commission-free.

Accelerate your impact.

Time-Based Recruiting® is trusted by scaling technology, consumer products and climate-forward companies using business as a force for good.

Often half the cost of traditional search firms, we're your flexible partner to add recruiting bandwidth and expertise as you need it. You only pay for the time it takes to find great talent. No commissions or retainers, even for executive roles.


Talented, diverse employees we've helped our clients hire... and counting.

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Our average equivalent percentage of first-year salary (vs. high fees charged by traditional firms).

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Average savings per hire, across all industries and salaried roles, compared to traditional recruiters.

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What we've saved our clients, compared to the average 25% fees charged by traditional search firms.

why Creative Alignments' Time-Based Recruiting

instead of

Traditional Contingency or Executive Recruiting

instead of

Hiring Managers owning all Phases of Recruiting

instead of or with

Internal Recruiting

We work at your speed, as part of your team

Are you hiring a few, steadily growing, or hiring hundreds? We’ve got your back.  


A few hires


Growing Steadily


Scaling quickly

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Hear what our client say
Accelerate your Business with the right team in place
Creative Alignments’ experienced recruiters and Time-Based Recruiting help you scale more effectively and efficiently
You save money

With our Time-Based Recruiting, you only pay for the time it takes to build a team that makes a difference. Instead of paying 20-30% of each hire’s first-year salary, our clients only pay an average of 12% per hire — about half the cost of traditional recruiters. Work done on your search is yours to keep so you can make additional hires without additional fees.

You save time

Recruiting takes valuable time, often at the expense of important day-to-day work. But getting the right people in the right seats is critical for business growth and impact. A bad hire or a vacant role is just too costly. We add bandwidth and expertise to your team to find you the talent you need. 

You HAVE a collaborative partneR

We are an extension of your team. We get to know your culture and needs so we can solve your hiring challenges with you, rather than focus on a short-term windfall. Our recruiters collaborate to actively seek out diverse candidates and build a pipeline of diverse talent you would not otherwise find.

You Have an expert team of recruiters, on demand

We are your internal recruiting team – one with deep industry connections and knowledge, recruiting expertise and tools, and the ability to scale up when you need us, and be gone when you don’t.

You have transparent consultants in your court

We never coach candidates or fix resumes to look better than they are, all in hopes of getting a big commission. You’ll always hear our honest insights on candidates so you can make the best choice for your company.


A decade of building teams, grow scaling companies from startup to success


Partner aligned with you and motivated by your needs, not by commission


Significant savings, especially at scale, to invest back into building your business


Experienced, industry-specific recruiters invested in your company


Flexible extension of your team to provide open, honest guidance + expertise

“There are a ton of advantages to working with Creative Alignments. One I really appreciate is how integrated they are with the nuances of our roles. They are so in tune with VictorOps that once they recommend a candidate, my need to screen them becomes a formality.  This has freed up a lot of my time to work on other priorities.”

Dan Hopkins
VP of Engineering


“After working with traditional recruiters, we were left feeling like the whole process was transactional and misaligned because they work for commission. We started working with Creative Alignments because their hourly model made more sense to us. Honestly, we were nervous at first to try something different, but it has been a great experience. They’ve been our recruiting consulting partner and helped us build a really strong team.”

Sam McBride


We're Honored