Case Study


Positions Filled

Four Years



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

As an early stage company with only 40 employees, SolidFire’s executive leadership faced the challenge of quickly scaling up the company across all functional areas (Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, Operations, Supply Chain) during this critical, early growth phase. Additionally, they needed to hire ‘A-players’ with specific storage industry expertise. To top it off, they had only one staff member handling recruiting, HR and operations. Due to their intense time-to-market schedule, SolidFire knew they couldn’t build the recruiting infrastructure they needed in order to scale the company as quickly as required. Not knowing of a better option, they turned to traditional commission-based recruiters charging them exorbitant placement fees. Given their growth plans, these sky-high costs were untenable.

The Solution

Enter Creative Alignments’ Time-Based Recruiting® model. In less than two years, CA fueled SolidFire’s growth from 40 to 205 employees, and ultimately hired a total of 300 in four years. By leveraging Creative Alignments’ experienced recruiting team, tools, strong candidate networks, and proven recruiting methodology, SolidFire was able to punch far above their weight when it came to scaling up their team. The CA recruiters worked on-site at the SolidFire location, integrated fully into their team, and communicated their brand story effectively and authentically to candidates. This drove rapid-fire recruiting success in meeting SolidFire’s aggressive hiring goals and ultimately led to the company being acquired for $870 million.

“The CA team is rock solid and did a great job accelerating our hiring success during a critical growth phase of our company.  Anyone looking to scale an organization rapidly, without sacrificing hiring quality, would be well served by working with CA.”

Dave Cahill, VP of Strategic Alliances, SolidFire