Case Study


Positions Filled

2 Years



Average equivalent % of first year salary (vs. 25% for contingency recruiting).

The Challenge

Experiencing exponential growth, OLIPOP was was heading into a hiring sprint, thanks to a new round of funding. Their small people operations team needed more hands on deck to help with sourcing, building a bigger network and strategic support, but only for a limited time. It did not make sense to hire more internal recruiters temporarily. They wanted help that could scale up and down with their hiring needs.

In such a high-growth company, circumstances were evolving by the minute, and the scope of the roles were fluid and evolving too. They needed a trusted expert partner that was nimble, flexible, and able to understand how future business plans informed their current recruiting plans. The OLIPOP team also wanted to feel like their external partner was part of the company, rather than a transactional vendor. Before Creative Alignments, they had not been able to find an ideal partner to meet all these needs.

The Solution

After working on one key role with Creative Alignments, the OLIPOP team knew they’d found the ideal recruiting partner to help with all the heavy lifting. Creative Alignments felt like part of their team, trusted to be on the frontline with candidates and provide a really great experience of the OLIPOP brand out in the market. The Chief of Staff, who is always thinking about the future of the business, anticipating needs, and filling gaps early, includes Creative Alignments in planning so that everyone has a shared line of sight into the future. This enables OLIPOP to have the most purposeful and strategic recruiting strategy and be able to move quickly to fill roles with top talent most aligned with their culture and needs.

“Creative Alignments is just as invested in our company and our roles as we are. They truly care about our growth, and they make my job easier. Their flexibility adds a ton of value to a scaling company like ours, but it’s really the people that I appreciate most. I just trust them. I feel very confident in our relationship. They are part of our whole recruitment picture and we learn a lot together. I don’t think I could get this from any other recruitment firm, even one with the same hourly model. There is no downside to working with them, in my opinion. It has been a win all around for us.”

Liz Trowler, Chief of Staff, OLIPOP