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The Challenge

Simple Energy’s data-driven software platform creates a more sustainable future by changing the way people engage with their energy consumption. In the growing energy conservation space, Simple Energy set some lofty growth goals. Yet, their single HR generalist and busy hiring managers did not have the bandwidth or specialized expertise to accomplish these goals alone. The sheer volume of hires they needed to make made it impossible to do all the work internally. In order to hire well and hire fast, across all functions, the company needed an expert recruiting partner that was able to lead highly technical roles; one who could step in as needed to take large amounts of work off their plate, while consulting with hiring managers to improve their own internal recruiting practices.

The Solution

With a recruiting plan tailored to Simple Energy’s unique needs, Creative Alignments worked onsite to handle not only the high volume of hires, but also the most technical hires. With a clear understanding of the culture Simple Energy had created and the business goals they needed to achieve, Creative Alignments also worked with individual hiring managers to help them target their own searches, improve their interview skills, and make sure they were thinking about what’s important when it comes to a candidate’s experience. Working together with Creative Alignments as a consultant and partner, they were able to meet their aggressive growth goals. At one point, this included hiring 20+ employees in 90 days.

“When we talked to Creative Alignments about our goals, they didn’t even bat an eyelash. While others would have thought it was impossible, they dove in to help without needing any hand holding. I am always blown away by how knowledgeable they are about the positions we are working on and the market around us. Looking back, I don’t know how we did it, but because Creative Alignments is so aligned with us, we were able to move quickly to achieve what once seemed impossible. They are a really good partner for us.”

Katia Olivera, Human Resources Generalist at Simple Energy