Case Study


The Challenge

CampMinder has an outstanding employment brand and a reputation as a great place to work. They are known for living their values and having authenticity of purpose at the highest levels. Given this, open jobs at CampMinder attract large numbers of applicants. Their challenge was sifting through the many applicants to find “right fit” candidates. As a company dedicated to creating a fulfilling and meaningful work environment, they needed to hire people who not only had the right skills, but also aligned with the company’s core values and culture. Their internal HR department needed a recruiting partner who truly understood the kinds of employees they were looking for and could help them sort thru their own applicants and source additional candidates they were not able to find on their own.

The Solution

CampMinder used Creative Alignments’ flexible Time-Based Recruiting model to fit their needs by peeling off specific parts of the recruiting process for Creative Alignments to handle. For example, CA proactively targeted candidates, created interest in the role, and provided CampMinder with a pipeline of relevant candidates for them to interview. In keeping with CampMinder’s strong cultural vision, it was important for them to drive the selection and hiring process. The partnership was successful because CampMinder is confident in CA and our technical recruiters. They know our recruiters have the expertise to discern winning skills and culture qualities, and that CA shares CampMinder’s values and authenticity of purpose.

“We’ve had an amazing experience with CA working alongside us toward a shared goal. We are aligned in our values and they understand what that we are trying to create. We appreciate their flexibility, responsiveness and ability to make great hires at a fraction of the cost associated with most recruiting.”

Analiese Brown, Director of Talent and Culture at CampMinder