Case Study


Positions Filled

2 Years



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

Aidium (formerly Daily AI), a scale-up tech company with a successful platform for the mortgage industry, was ready to grow quickly. But how was their small founding team going to keep up with their rocketing business while recruiting and hiring all the roles they needed filled to reach their goals? They needed help. However, they wanted a true recruiting partner who could work alongside them and understand both the company culture they were creating and the nuances of highly technical roles. Traditional recruiting, with high costs and misaligned incentives, did not seem like the right solution for them.

The Solution

Aidium partnered with Creative Alignments to build out all their teams across all departments: engineering, sales, product, marketing, support, and customer success. The first step was to hire the department manager and then work with them to round out the teams. Throughout, Aidium leaned on CA for guidance on how to strategically plan which positions needed to be prioritized to meet business goals. CA also helped Aidium create a strong hiring process that enabled them to attract great candidates.

“As founders, we have a clear vision for what we want to create, both culturally and technically. Creative Alignments is in tune with this and understands the nuances of each role that goes into building a framework for our growth. They have been fully integrated and entrenched with our team from the beginning and we have a true partnership built on trust, collaboration, and transparency. Their expertise has helped us find ideal candidates we would not have been able to find on our own.”

Spencer Dusebout, co-founder and CEO of Daily AI, now Aidium