Case Study

The Challenge

Designscapes Colorado is a high-end landscaping company. It’s offering is unique in that it does both residential and commercial work, and both new construction and maintenance. While the tight labor market makes hiring difficult for all landscaping companies, Designscapes Colorado found it additionally difficult to find the right caliber of employees. They want passionate, engaged long-term employees who are committed to a specific level of service for their high-end clients. They need people with not only the right skills, but professionalism and personality to match their premium work and company culture. The company had looked to various recruiters for help, but got mixed results.

The Solution

Intrigued by Creative Alignments’ Time-Based Recruiting model, and knowing they needed a better solution to augment their internal recruiting, Designscapes Colorado decided to give CA a try. After working on a few hires together, they found that they got a level of service from CA that they had not been getting with other recruiters. They also realized how important it is to have a recruiting partner that is genuinely focused on their needs, truly understands their culture, and has impeccable communication. They had not experienced this with other recruiters. They appreciate that CA took the time to come see their facilities, get to know their team, and continues to work diligently to understand what kind of people will be the best fit. Such an investment in time up front enables this partnership to be effective and efficient in the long run.