Positions Filled

3 years


Average equivalent % of first year salary vs. the traditional 25%.

The Challenge

Annie Ryu started The Jackfruit Company (TJC) to transform healthy eating, farmers’ livelihoods, and humanity’s eco-footprint for the better. It quickly became the largest importer of jackfruit into the U.S. and attracted investors. How could this small company grow its team to keep up with its huge opportunity and meet the demands of raising capital? 


The Jackfruit Company was ready to continue to build new business partnerships, extend new product innovations, expand its in-store footprint and increase total distribution. The company launched the jack & annie’s brand in 2020, a sustainable animal meat alternative made from jackfruit, and expanded into more than 1,500 retail locations in less than a year. To support future growth in an incredibly competitive job market, they needed to supplement their existing internal team with several key positions. The timing was critical to fill these gaps, and the company needed outside expertise to recruit high-quality candidates at the proper compensation levels

The Solution

To support their double-digit annual growth, they tapped into Creative Alignments, which became a trusted recruiting partner that deeply understands how to hire candidates to best fit their needs, budget, and company culture. After reviewing internal compensation and comparing it to accurate market data, the CA team set out to source and hire high-quality talent to meet their needs. Once critical executive-level roles in Sales, Operations, and R&D were filled, the company was better equipped to continue to scale and grow.

"As we started to scale and grow quickly, Creative Alignments became a valued partner for hiring great people. We appreciate the flexibility of the hourly recruiting model, and we use Creative Alignments on an as-needed basis to fit our unique needs and goals. Their extensive recruiting experience, market intelligence, and understanding of our company culture set them apart, and we greatly appreciate and value our continued partnership."

Annie Ryu, Founder + CEO, The Jackfruit Company (and jack & annie's)