Case Study


Positions Filled

2 years



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. 25% commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

Sound Agriculture is a quickly growing ag tech startup that is dramatically improving the sustainability and productivity of our food system. The two founders, with highly scientific backgrounds, and the CEO, had an enormous task in front of them: build out their commercial leadership teams in sales, marketing and business development, while also finding the right people for the many scientific roles they needed to fill, all while building and running a business that was pushing boundaries in their industry. There simply was not enough time in the day to do it all themselves, and they needed a recruiting partner that could meet all their niche needs simultaneously.

The Solution

What started as a one-off trial to fill a single role with Creative Alignments, quickly evolved into a successful long-term partnership based on trust and collaboration. A Creative Alignments (CA) recruiter was embedded with the Sound team in order to fully understand the nuanced needs of each role, manage end-to-end recruiting, and provide expert advice at each step. Most recently, CA acted as a hiring manager on behalf of Sound to hire their Talent Acquisition Manager, who CA will continue to work with to provide bandwidth and expertise as they need it. Beyond handling immediate recruiting needs, CA also helped Sound build out their own in-house recruiting capabilities to create an impeccable team long-term. 

“Sound puts a lot of responsibility on hiring managers and they need rock star recruiting partners they can lean on to drive the process. CA provides us so much support and collaboration that I do not see them as a vendor, but a necessary part of our team. Because we can trust them at every step, hiring managers get more time back in their days to do their jobs. CA is really good at asking the right questions, connecting with the candidates, and sharing insights that shape our decisions. My faith in CA comes from the unique perspective of being both a candidate and a client, since CA recruited me to Sound.”

Jessamyn Wead, People Operations Manager