Case Study


Positions Filled

1.5 years



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. 20% commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

Skratch Labs is a small and quickly scaling natural sports nutrition company. As they grow, they are dedicated to maintaining a very specific culture, which is a key driver in their recruiting. They are very targeted in the type of person who will work well within their organization. When they needed help filling key roles, paying outside recruiters a commission of 20-30% of an employee’s first year salary did not make sense to them. They were looking for a cost-effective way to work with a recruiter that was flexible, aligned with their goals, and “got” what they were trying to create.

The Solution

Creative Alignments’ hourly model and approach to recruiting what just what Skratch Labs wanted. With the collaborative, flexible process, Skratch leadership was able to be highly involved in each search. They started with a clear idea of what they wanted, stayed engaged throughout, added their own internal vetting process to compliment Creative Alignments’, and were interested in learning about all relevant candidates, knowing they could be good for another role. Creative Alignments filled the roles quickly and Skratch felt confident that the investment they made in external recruiting brought the company great value.

“Working with Creative Alignments opened my eyes to the kind of value recruiting can have when it’s done well. What a beautiful thing to be able to find great people and control costs along the way. They deliver absolute quality at a fraction of the cost.”

Ian MacGregor, co-founder and CEO at Skratch Labs