Case Study

Farmer's Fridge


Positions Filled

9 months



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. 20% commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

The popularity of Farmer’s Fridge took the company from serving a couple hundred healthy meals a day from their refrigerated vending machines to serving more than 15,000 a day. Their team needed to grow quickly to keep pace with the success of their national expanding business. A one-person HR department and various department heads did not have the bandwidth to hire all the people they needed in such a short timeframe. They tried outside recruiters with little success. They needed a flexible recruiting partner who would pivot with their growing and changing company.

The Solution

Initially, Creative Alignments helped Farmer’s Fridge source candidates for difficult-to-fill positions, connecting the company to people they could not have otherwise found. Soon, Creative Alignments took on roles at all levels and functions, freeing up department heads to have more time to focus on building the business. Because of its hourly billing model, Creative Alignments was also able to take on special recruiting projects, including doing the advance recruiting work in new cities to which Farmer’s Fridge is expanding.