Case Study


Positions Filled

3 months



Average equivalent % of first year salary (vs. 25% for contingency recruiting).

The Challenge

Blueshift Nutrition is a D2C startup on the cusp of explosive growth. Their unique mix-and-match pod-base product line of drinkable nutrition offers consumers a new way to take supplements. The company is well funded and has an outstanding people-first culture, but being new to the market, candidates did not yet recognize their brand. They were having trouble standing out in a tough labor market to attract the candidates they needed. This created a challenge: Their small team is driving a quickly moving business and does not have time to spearhead recruiting; they’re too small to hire an in-house recruiter; and traditional contingency recruiters do not make sense for them financially. So how could they fill critical roles quickly to launch and grow?

The Solution

For a company with huge potential, great culture, and a sustainability mindset, they would make an ideal employer for candidates interested in being part of the growth. They just needed to find them. One of Blueshift’s board members recommended Creative Alignments, suggesting that the hourly model and recruiters who have deep industry experience in food and beverage/supplements could be a great solution. Partnering with Creative Alignments would help Blueshift preserve capital to invest in marketing, R & D and their company culture, rather than paying large recruiting fees. Creative Alignments has helped Blueshift fill critical roles with people who aligned with their very specific and unique requirements.

“CA’s hourly model was intriguing to me, and now I see it certainly pays off. We could not possibly have found candidates as nicely qualified for our first roles without CA. Even in this tough job market, CA helped us fill the positions quickly with ideal people who are working out great. Posting something online or working with a traditional recruiter would not have worked for us. I’d recommend CA to other entrepreneurs because of their speed, cost-effective model and industry expertise.”

Andrew Schneider, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, Blueshift Nutrition