Case Study

Bhakti Chai


Positions Filled

6 years



Average equivalent % of first year salary (vs. 25% for contingency recruiting).

The Challenge

The Bhakti Chai team had inspiring leadership, sharp business acumen and a brand people loved. What they didn’t have was time. Their start-up was moving lightning fast and nobody had time to find the right industry experts to help grow their business to the next level. They needed an affordable, yet seasoned recruiting partner steeped in the food industry. This partner needed to be flexible enough to move fast when they needed them, and go dormant when they didn’t. They could not be weighed down by traditional commission-based recruiters charging 20-30% of each first-year salary.

The Solution

Creative Alignments’ Time-Based Recruiting® model, industry expertise, flexibility and experienced recruiters offered the perfect combination to help Bhakti Chai to grow from start-up to success. For six years, Bhakti Chai has partnered with Creative Alignments to fuel their steady growth with top talent. Because Creative Alignments charges only for time worked, and does not charge commissions, Bhakti Chai has been able tailor the partnership to meet their changing needs.

“We're thrilled to have a recruiting partner that is not only a joy to work with but continues to identify and secure exceptional candidates from within the food and beverage industry for Bhakti. Their unique model has saved us a significant amount of money compared to other recruiting options, while still unearthing impressive candidates. Creative Alignments thought about our brand and organizational needs as if they were in-house and their sincere warmth has added good vibes not just for our team but for the candidates who are presented to us. We are big fans of Creative Alignments!”

Brook Eddy, Founder, Bhakti Chai