Case Study


Positions Filled

3 months



Average equivalent % of first year salary (vs. 25% for contingency recruiting).

The Challenge

Mission-driven Back to the Roots started with two college students who shared a curiosity and passion for figuring out how to grow mushrooms in an urban setting, and understanding how the rest of their food grew. These two entrepreneurs soon sold millions of home mushroom kits through multiple channels, and then expanded their offerings to include other home garden products including organic seeds, soil, and plant food. Their ultimate goal: connect a whole new generation of people to their food.


Their success put the company into hyper-growth mode. They needed to recruit and hire quickly to capitalize on this opportunity, but the traditional contingency recruiters they talked to were way out of their price range. Limited on cash, Back to the Roots’ co-founders were looking for a better solution. 

The Solution

Back to the Roots found a true recruiting partner in CA – one that takes the time to understand their business as deeply as they do, and acts as a consultant throughout the recruiting and hiring process. CA helped them expand their candidate network, find a great fit for a critical yet hard-to-fill role, provide expert guidance, all while meeting their budgetary needs. For Back to the Roots’ co-founders, the relationship is a great fit: low risk, high reward and a breath of fresh air.

“I had a great experience working with the CA team. They were really passionate about our brand and I could tell they would represent us well while talking to candidates. Finding a recruiting team who aligns with our values and purpose was so important. We had to make sure we attracted the right candidates. I also appreciate their hourly model. It takes a certain level of confidence to work this way. They’re betting on themselves to get the job done well. It’s far more similar to how we’d work with a designer or lawyer, and doesn’t put the entrepreneur in a hard spot to have to commit to a huge recruiting fee upfront. I’m sure we’ll be working with CA again in the future!”

Nikhil Arora, co-founder/co-CEO, Back to the Roots