Case Study


Positions Filled

2.8 years



Average equivalent % of first-year salary
(vs. 25% fees charged by traditional recruiters)

The Challenge

PlanOmatic, which provides quality photography, floor plans and 3D imaging to the single-family rental industry nationally, had experienced incredible growth for two years. Their two-person People & Culture team could not keep up with their big hiring plans. The company’s continued growth depended on quickly and strategically growing their teams in an affordable, scalable way.


Hiring traditional recruiters was not a solution for them for a few reasons. First, PlanOmatic is very hands on with each candidate personally, so they just needed help sourcing and screening. Second, they were hiring for a broad range of functions and levels in a niche industry, so siloed recruiters specializing in certain types of roles would not work. Third, they needed an affordable solution. Paying 25% of first-year salary for a large number of hires was not feasible or sustainable.

The Solution

Creative Alignments jumped in to be an extension of the PlanOmatic People & Culture team, adding both bandwidth and expertise. CA takes on the candidate sourcing and screening, then shares the most relevant people for PlanOmatic to work with personally. To make sure everyone is aligned on each search, CA spends a short time completing a quick candidate calibration. Then PlanOmatic can share what they like/don’t like about the search so the deeper search can be ultra-targeted. This flexibility, collaboration and consultative partnership has opened up pathways for both sides to learn a lot from each other and make each search more targeted and efficient.

“CA finds phenomenally talented candidates at a fraction of the price of other recruiters. They are so on top of it. They know our company so well that they can take any role we have and nail it. We have such a beneficial relationship. They know what they are doing, so we are pretty hands off.


“We’re hiring a lot of people and they are a great recruiting solution for us. A steal, in fact, compared it to other recruiters. For some people CA’s hourly model could be scary – how do you know what it will cost? But for us there is so much trust because we are continuously giving each other feedback, asking the right questions and recalibrating to make sure we stay aligned. I can tell that client satisfaction is a priority for CA. I love working with them.”

Stephanie Smith, Senior Manager of People & Culture, PlanOmatic