Creative Alignments' leadership and experts are out in the community and press sharing advice for growing companies just like yours. Read on to learn helpful tips and tricks for recruiting and retention.

Four Possible Paths To Recruiting. An Honest Peek Behind The Curtain Of Each One

Want to better understand the landscape of recruiting options before you pick the best solution for your company? In this Forbes Magazine article, Peggy Shell makes it easy to educate yourself so you're armed with the questions and considerations you need to be a smart consumer.

hack the tight labor market to find your next star employee

Prioritizing soft skills, growth potential and cultural fit over experience can be the winning strategy to tap into new pools of candidates and find great talent. Peggy Shell is once again over at

Empower Your Recruiting Strategy

Peggy Shell talks with Inc Magazine and shares pro tips to refine your recruiting strategy. Even subtle changes can help you tap into new candidate pools, streamline your process and attract the candidates you want.

5 Ways to Attract Employees and Grow Business

New business filings in Colorado are up and unemployment is below 3%, keenly tipping the market in favor of employees. How can companies expand in such a tight employee market? Peggy Shell in Colorado Biz Magazine.

Drive Profits by Building Authentic Value for Employees

Creating a meaningful, fulfilling work environment for employees enhances your bottom line. Creative Alignments' founder Peggy Shell sketches out ways you can improve employee experience to strengthen your business.

11 creative listening tips to identify the right job candidate

Leverage the power of creative listening to find accomplished employees who are also an ideal cultural fit.

Hiring Managers can Skip the pitfalls

Over the years, we've helped a lot of hiring managers hone their recruiting skills and refine their search process to save time and hire great talent. Here are seven common mistakes hiring managers don't need to make, along with simple suggestions in perfecting your recruiting.

Tough Hiring Decision? Read On...

These 14 tiebreakers can help you make the final call. Peggy Shell and other business leaders from Forbes Leadership Council share their wisdom and advice.

Finding Workers Where There are None

The Boulder Daily Camera looks into how low unemployment numbers are making it hard for companies to find the people they need to make business work, and how recruiters like Creative Alignments help them find talent.