Case Study


Positions Filled

7 months



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

Whispir is a well-established Australian tech company that delivers a multi-channel communications platform. With business expanding globally, they planned to open a U.S.-based Global Marketing Center of Excellence in Colorado. Because this move was so critical for the business and would involve building out an entire team, they needed a true recruiting partner who:

  1. Knew the U.S. tech market better than their Australian-based TA team to hire a large number of niche roles,
  2. Could quickly become an integrated, seamless extension of their TA team, even across wide time zones,
  3. Could be trusted to go the extra mile to narrow in on both the right skills and a good cultural fit,
  4. Would be affordable and sustainable for many roles. The Australian-based TA team had never found a recruiting partner who could fit this bill, and had been repeatedly disappointed by the transactional nature and high cost of working with recruiting agencies.

The Solution

Whispir’s CMO, who was charged with starting up the U.S. HQ, had worked with Creative Alignments previously and knew that CA could handle the heavy lifting needed to put this mission-critical team in place. CA hit the ground running to bridge the gap between the Australian and the Americas teams, quickly becoming a trusted partner embedded in the U.S.. Once the CMO knew that CA was in a good position to continue to build out the whole team, he left Whispir. This created a tricky situation. Whispir quickly needed to hire a new CMO and leaned on CA’s executive recruiting skills. Within a month, a new permanent CMO was in place.

“Our partnership with CA to fill our CMO role was above and beyond our expectations. CA had already been successful with Whispir in filling a large number of individual contributor roles. Our C-level CMO position was an absolutely critical hire for our company and it had to be right. The new hire would help us build out our Global Marketing Center of Excellence in the Americas, and we were under incredibly tight time constraints. CA very quickly delivered top quality candidates within a record turnaround time. The team kept us up to date with each stage of the process and we never felt out of the loop, despite our different time zones.  Not only were they successful in finding us the perfect candidate, they exceeded our expectations by securing exceptionally high-quality alternative options should we need them.  We couldn't be happier and I can't recommend Chuck and the CA team highly enough."

- Chris Regan, Chief People Officer, Whispir

“We’ve had the best experience with CA. Without them, we would not have been able to grow at the same rate or have hired the same quality of talent. They know the U.S. market better than us and understand our needs inside and out. They are a true partner and an extension of our TA team. We trust them to go the extra mile needed to get the cultural fit, not just the right skills. The CA team is so personable and good at what they do. I never feel like a candidate is being ‘sold’ to me. If I reject a candidate, it’s a learning experience for both of us. I am continually learning from them.”

- Samira Cejvan, Talent Lead, Whispir