Build the knowledge, confidence, connections and strategy to accelerate your career, whether you’re just staring out or stepping up.

set yourself apart in The job market + Rise to the Top

Equipped with expertise, tips and resources from professional recruiters who hire hundreds of people a year, you’ll have a real-world roadmap at your fingertips. CA Launch can quickly prepare you to land a job in your area of interest, whether you are just starting out, or excelling in your career.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the companies that hire

Learn the job search process from start to finish. Along the way, you will learn how employers hire, what they are looking for in potential employees and how to position yourself to be a winning candidate. In this step-by-step on-line program, you can also access time with a professional with Creative Alignments for one-on-one coaching (additional fees may apply).

Step into a world of experts

A decade ago Creative Alignments revolutionized recruiting to help thriving companies find the best employees to build their teams. With this unique perspective and understanding of what employers are looking for, we are helping people find and flourish in careers they love.

What Will I gain?

  • Behind-the-scenes look at how companies hire
  • Understanding of the job search process, start to finish
  • Refined resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and an organized job search strategy
  • Preparation for accepting/starting a new job,
    including basic business tools
  • Motivating and actionable curriculum
  • Exclusive access to recruiters who fill 100s of roles
  • Personal mentor for individualized guidance 
  • Goal setting and follow through strategy
  • Networking + interviewing skills and practice tips
Which Track Lights You Up?


If you are interested in joining a company in the technology arena–be it software, clean tech, biotech, IoT or more–you will learn first-hand industry specifics from leaders in the field.  You will also be assigned to a mentor from the technology industry.  (Note that this does not mean you would be looking for a career in computer programming or related; there are careers in sales, marketing, finance, and many other functional areas.)


food icon


Innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs are changing what we eat, how food is made, and which products we buy. If you are considering a career in consumer products, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops from individuals leading quickly growing natural food, beverage and consumer packaged goods companies. Learn first hand from a one-on-one mentor related to the field, and grow your portfolio to land a job in the CPG space.


Maybe both technology and consumer products interest you. Maybe neither do. Either way, this program will be meaningful to you. Whether it is sales, marketing, engineering, you name it–we will connect you with someone who can help guide you along the way. Learn from a wide array of experts, and work one-on-one with a mentor who will fit your needs.