Case Study



Positions Filled

2.5 years



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

When VictorOps was still a late-stage startup, the 9-person company needed to scale quickly with a high-quality engineering team to build out their product offerings. However, the time burden on hiring managers to accomplish this was taking away from their day-to-day work and impacting the company’s go-to-market timelines. Their expertise is engineering, not recruiting.

The Solution

VictorOps needed an expert recruiting partner to help them hire quality talent so they could add the features and functionality that would make their systems-level software attractive in the marketplace. The company’s experienced leadership turned to Creative Alignments to lead them through this ramp up. Creative Alignments successfully hired 12 engineers in one year, more than doubling their team. VictorOps recently sold for $120M, and continues to work with Creative Alignments for their ongoing recruiting needs.

“There are a ton of advantages to working with Creative Alignments. One I really appreciate is how integrated they are with the nuances of our roles. They are so in tune with VictorOps that once they recommend a candidate, my need to screen them becomes a formality.  This has freed up a lot of my time to work on other priorities.”

Dan Hopkins, VP of Engineering, VictorOps