Case Study


Positions Filled

1 Year



Average % of First Year Salary
(vs. commission-based recruiting)

The Challenge

Ambient Photonics is the creator of the world’s most powerful low-light photovoltaic cell, eliminating disposable batteries and toxic trash, while reducing carbon footprint.   As an emerging growth startup with such an exciting innovation, the company was moving too fast and growing too quickly to handle recruiting on their own. They needed a recruiting partner to take on that function as if it were their own trusted in-house recruiting team.

The Solution

Thanks to a combination of Creative Alignments’ breadth of expertise, ability to scale work up or down as needed, and cost savings from the hourly model, Ambient Photonics was able to double their team in one year. Creative Alignments helped Ambient Photonics hire key functional leaders and then build out departments with additional hires.

“Experience, trust, flexibility, and affordability were top priorities for us in choosing a recruiting partner, which is why we chose Creative Alignments. They have become such an integral part of our team and our growth. We trust them to find the right people for the right roles, consistently stay in close communication with us, and to help us continually improve our hiring process. They understand the value of creating a people-focused company culture, which is very important to us.” 

Bates Marshall, Ambient Photonics CEO & Co-Founder