Case Study


Positions Filled

3 yearS



Average equivalent % of first year salary (vs. 25% for contingency recruiting).

The Challenge

New Zealand-based The a2 Milk Company was on to something. It turned the dairy industry on its head by identifying that milk containing only the a2 protein was easier for people to digest, even people who thought they were lactose intolerant. The company wanted to leverage its success in New Zealand, Australia and China into the opening of a new headquarters in the USA. But this expansion meant they needed to quickly tap into the industry’s best talent across all roles in an entirely new market.

The Solution

Creative Alignments built out The a2 Milk Company’s US team by staffing up all functions, including the CEO, the head of sales, the head of marketing and nearly 20 other roles that created the foundation for their U.S. HQ. Because of Creative Alignments’ deep recruiting experience and food industry expertise, we were able represent The a2 Milk Company employment brand and tap into top talent that fit the company culture and goals. With this new winning team in place, The a2 Milk Company is seeing great success in the US market. In the process, The a2 Milk Company saved $512,988 in recruiting costs (as compared to traditional recruiters charging 25% of first year salary).

"I was recruited into the company by Creative Alignments. Fantastic experience. I think it was well organized, and I felt respected as a professional, and I thought they did a really good job in terms of coordination with global management.


Now on the client side, I see that Creative Alignments puts a lot of time into building their network, which is one of the most important things that you need to do -- steep yourself in an industry to be able to bring good quality talent into that industry."

Blake Waltrip, CEO United States, The A2 Milk Company