Creative Alignments Presents at Boulder Startup Week

May 2, 2017

We’re gamifying HR, talent planning with Cards Against HR-Manity presentation

Boulder, CO – May 2, 2107 –  Creative Alignments, a pay-for-effort recruiting firm upending the traditional industry model, is presenting at Boulder Startup Week on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  Boulder Startup Week is an independent, free, five day event that celebrates the entrepreneurial and startup community in Boulder, Colorado. Experts in a variety of fields are presenting across a multitude of interest tracks, including Accelerator, EdTech, Food, Culture, Robotics and more.

Creative Alignments’ Founder, Peggy Shell and Gillian Bidgood of Polsinelli Law will present “Cards Against HR-manity,” an interactive learning exploration based on the popular card game. Together they’ll answer questions critical to startups and entrepreneurs about hiring, HR and employment law in a way that is fun, memorable and engaging.

To sign up for the presentation or to learn more about the event, visit