This Thursday, April 2, 2:00-3:00 pm MST
How will your brand emerge a leader from these times of uncertainty and crisis? Covid-19 has created a dramatic, abnormal shift in CPG sales, and the aftermath will require further adjustments to your business.  Learn critical, actionable steps from experts to adjust your Amazon strategy and build a more resilient supply chain now and in the future. Come with your questions to this interactive webinar. 

Panelist: Betsy McGinn, the author of The Amazon Road Map, the essential how-to for brands of every size, and the founder of McGinn e-comm. 

Panelist: Jeff Grogg, supply chain expert and Managing Director of JPG resources, which helps food brands of all sizes chart a path to growth. 

Host: Peggy Shell, founder and CEO of Creative Alignments, a Time-Based Recruiting company that helps food brands accelerate growth by building strong teams. 

This is the time to respond, not react. Regardless of your company size, what are the most important next steps to position your company better on Amazon, and get ahead of the curve with your supply chain strategy in the coming months? How can being proactive now set up your brand to emerge from the current crisis as a leader? Learn this and more.